So last week I talked about weight and how having to be thin to do a boudoir shoot is a common misconception. This week I’m going to talk about another common objection I hear from women. It usually goes something like this…

“Man, I wish I knew about this when I was 20!”

“I wish boudoir existed when I was younger!”

“Your photos are so cool! I wish I was 20 years younger so I could do some!”

“I’m too old for lingerie and all that nonsense.”

“These kinds of photos are for young women, not old women like me!” (Legit said to me by a 42 year old woman… C’MON! OLD?!?! WTF?!?! Side note: she went on to have TWO SPECTACULAR shoots!)


Here are my replies…

“I wish you did too! But you didn’t… so do it now!”

“It did! But it wasn’t mainstream like it is now.”

“Thank you! Why do you think you need to be 20 years younger??”

“No one is too old for lingerie. And you don’t have to wear lingerie for your shoot anyway.”

Well… for this one I laughed out loud and asked if she thought I was old too because we aren’t that far apart in age, lol! Then I told her that my oldest client was 73 and that she was going to have to give me a better objection… and she booked on the spot!


So let me start by saying there is NO age limit on boudoir. In fact, the only age restriction at all is that you must be 18 or over. I do shoot teen/tween beauty and fashion sessions but those are fully clothed and totally different than boudoir. If you are over 18, we are good to go because there is no age limit on any of these things:

  • Beauty
  • Sexuality
  • Sensuality
  • Lingerie
  • Seduction
  • Passion
  • Confidence
  • Intelligence


Many times, women ask if I shoot more mature women or they just assume that I don’t. Sometimes they outright accuse me of not showcasing a variety of ages, lol! There are a few reasons people might think this.

  1. With proper lighting, most mature skin glows and looks incredibly youthful and healthy on camera.
  2. Good, age-appropriate makeup is the foundation of our boudoir process and matching skin type and maturity to the right makeup makes skin appear younger.
  3. There are particular lighting styles that compliment mature skin and fill fine lines and wrinkles with light, causing them to essentially disappear.
  4. Retouching is done to all images that are presented to clients. Editing is always based on what a client requests and most mature clients ask for natural editing that isn’t over the top but that removes the most prominent signs of aging.
  5. I don’t, obviously, intentionally point out or identify the more mature clients in my galleries, portfolio or on social media unless that client has specifically requested that I do so, which is why there won’t be a ton of photos accompanying this post.
  6. Privacy is a big part of why I don’t show as much of my work with more mature clients. My mature clients are often more conservative than my younger ones. This happens for many reasons, from professional considerations and the preferences of their spouse to being more conservative in general or having more traditional values. I NEVER push a client to sign a model release or share their images. If anything, I push for the opposite, asking that they really consider their choice to share (and the possible consequences of doing so) and be completely certain before they do. I take privacy very seriously in my studio and the women who have generously agreed to share their photos have done so in writing after a face-to-face conversation with me about it.


This beautiful client graciously agreed to be showcased as an example of a gorgeous, mature woman! She wanted to inspire other mature women to book their own shoot and was so proud to have taken a step out of her comfort zone and done something new and exciting! Thank you!






Here are some things I hear a lot when it comes to women hesitating on booking their own boudoir shoot:

“But I’m not skinny like those models!”

“Boudoir is for thin women!”

“Only models wants to get pictures taken in their underwear!”

“I’ll do it as soon as I  lose 10 (or 20, or 30, or 40…) pounds!”

“Where will I even find lingerie that fits me??”


I’m not going to lie… these comments, objections and thoughts make me sad. I can’t help it. As a woman who has struggled with her weight her whole life… I get it. I get it in a seriously deep kind of way, which is probably why it makes me sad. I have, from the very first day that I opened my doors, believed that every single woman is beautiful. Every single one. Did you hear me say skinny ones? No. Boudoir is for EVERY SINGLE WOMAN. Should I say it louder for the ones in the back. EVERYSINGLEONE! Over half of my clients are what the mainstream media would consider “plus size” or “curvy.” I have (an apparently shocking) fact for the media… the average size of an American woman is a 16. Yes, a size 16 is average. See Article About Recent Study Here And it is BEAUTIFUL! Just like every other size. I feel the same frustration that every other woman in the country feels when I flip through the latest clothing catalog that winds up in my mailbox. Every woman featured is a 0 or 2 with the occasional 4 thrown in as a gesture of goodwill by the company. This doesn’t help us decide what the clothes REALLY look like! Not to mention the photos are usually edited beyond recognition and the clothes are tucked and smoothed just as much as the model is!

My studio is welcoming and encouraging to women of every single size. No exceptions. Whether you are a 00, 4, 8, 14, 18, 22, 28 or any other number on the spectrum, you are beautiful, powerful, strong and you DESERVE to be confident and look sexy! I have had clients contact me after other studios have turned them down based on their age, weight, mobility or medical condition. Often, they are very reluctant to even contact another studio because of how badly that made them feel. This will NEVER happen with me or in my studio. Ever. All women are welcome (yes, this includes transgender women).

I adore photographing curvy women and helping women who may struggle with seeing themselves as beautiful. It’s one of the most rewarding parts of my job because I love showing women how I see them. I don’t see what you see when you look at yourself. I don’t see the flaws or the things you give yourself such grief about. I see what makes you beautiful. In 10 years I have not once met a woman I didn’t see as beautiful. I find the things that make YOU unique and play up all of your best and favorite features. I ask that the studio stay a safe, body-positive place. If you start to talk down about yourself or fault find, I’m going to remind you to tell yourself positive things. I’m not unrealistic. I know that almost all women have things they would rather conceal about themselves or parts that aren’t their favorite. Don’t worry! We’ll talk about those too, particularly in your pre-session consult and in your questionnaire. I can’t help you disguise those areas if I don’t know what they are. But once we start shooting I’m going to ask that you keep an open mind and tell yourself that you are just as gorgeous as any other woman on this planet and just as worthy of a spectacular boudoir experience. I’m also going to help you pose and teach you how to rock those curves so you can look your absolute best!

Here are some gorgeous examples of a few of our curvy clients! Some came in nervous about looking their best, some walked in embracing every inch of themselves and some fell somewhere in the middle of the two… but they all walked out with a newfound confidence and a bounce in their step! Never let a number on a scale determine how you feel about yourself, and never let it stop you from booking a boudoir shoot of your own! I’ll help you decide what to wear and teach you how to play up every one of your favorite assets! I can also coach you in the best way to camouflage areas you may not love so much. But, in the end, what I really want is for you to embrace who you are in the moment. Love yourself.


Need lingerie in an expanded selection of sizes? Have trouble finding pretty bras or sexy panties that fit great? Here are some of my favorite retailers for curves!

Hips & Curves

Bare Necessities


Lane Bryant



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A common question I get is whether or not clients have to get naked for their shoot. The answer is a resounding NO! You DO NOT have to get naked for your boudoir shoot. You don’t even have to wear lingerie. Boudoir is all about what makes YOU feel sexy. Some women feel sexiest in a bra and panties or a naughty teddy and others feel sexiest in an oversized sweater or a flannel shirt. If you feel sexy then you will LOOK sexy. I firmly believe that sexy is an attitude, not an outfit, a number on a scale or a size on a tag. Your boudoir shoot should be an experience that leaves you confident, excited and glowing and the only way it is going to do that is if you feel great! And you’ll feel best when you are wearing what you love! From plain cotton tanks with simple undies to bulky knit sweaters and knee-high socks, we can rock casual looks just as perfectly as sultry ones!



The gorgeous client above borrowed one of my favorite sweater and bra combinations from the studio closet! The New York & Co. sweater pairs perfectly with the Victoria’s Secret rhinestone strap bra! (The saleswoman in VS probably thought I had lost my mind when she asked if I needed help as I was walking around matching bras and panties to a sweater! Haha!) We chose purple because of the purple highlights in her hair and the way it makes her skin glow! The sweater also creates a peekaboo cleavage effect, which is sexy without being over the top.



This beauty brought some great casual wardrobe choices to her shoot, including this lightweight plaid shirt. The shirt is clipped in the back to keep it snug and to make sure it flatters her curves instead of hiding them! We can always get creative when getting boxier wardrobe items to fit and I swear by clothespins, small clamps, binder clips and even sometimes painters tape. We always make sure not to damage your clothes, especially when we are fitting valuable or sentimental items like sports jerseys, uniform pieces or dress shirts.



This client came in for a session immediately prior to her mastectomy surgery (her full session was featured on our blog HERE ). This ended up being one of our favorite outfits because it suited her so perfectly! A partially unzipped hoodie can be just as sexy as daring, plunging lingerie!



A cardigan sweater from our studio wardrobe paired with thigh-high striped socks was a perfect choice for this blonde bombshell! It also gave her session variety! And variety during your shoot means variety in your album!



One of our 2017 Brand Ambassadors, Katie, brought one of her husband’s favorite NFL jerseys and we sexed it up by clamping it directly behind her back to make sure it hugged her every curve. A big, loose, boxy jersey doesn’t flatter your shape so clamping it is the perfect solution for both sex appeal AND a super happy husband!



Another drop dead gorgeous client with a jersey, this time representing her beloved New York Yankees! Anything you bring can be sexy… it just all depends on how you use it!



When you are shopping for sweaters, look for stretchy collars or off-the-shoulder styles! This is a great pose for cleavage and the appearance of ultra-long legs! It’s one of my very favorite sweater poses and you can do it with a button up cardigan or a regular wide-neck sweater!



Never underestimate the appeal of a plain white tank and cutoff shorts! You can do a million things with this one simple look!


I hope this helps illustrate that A) You don’t need to get naked for your boudoir photoshoot and B) That you don’t even have to wear lingerie! You can show as much or as little skin as you are comfortable with and you’ll look fabulous either way! Sexiness comes from inside, not out. Whether you want a plain cotton tank and panties, a girl-next-door pair of cutoffs and t-shirt, a textured knit sweater, a favorite jersey or a flannel and boots, you will rock it! Bring what you love, what you feel best in and the outfits that make you feel like YOU!


Ready for your own shoot? Have questions about wardrobe or about shooting with us? Email me at or connect with me on social media! We also have a private VIP client group you are welcome to join with lots of ladies who have done shoots with us in the past or are planning for one in the future. Find us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and ask all the questions you’d like! We are here to help!


Lost Highway Imaging is Connecticut’s premiere boudoir photography studio, serving Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, Boston, and beyond for almost 10 years. Let our decade of experience help you see yourself in a whole new way! Our all-female staff will make sure you feel right at home and comfortable from the first moment. Boudoir photos are the perfect gift for your fiancé, husband, partner or JUST FOR YOU!




I’m so excited for this two part pinup fashion series, written by celebrated pinup model Sadie Century! Pinup fashion is its own animal… part sex appeal, part prim and proper. What makes pinups so recognizable, even all these years later? The silhouette! The hourglass pinup silhouette is an America icon! I’m thrilled to present this two part series, starting with a brief history of pinup girls and pinup fashion. Part II will cover modern pinup reproduction clothing, including where to shop! Lost Highway Imaging is proud to offer vintage-styled pinup photos in addition to our boudoir and glamour offerings! Pinup is actually what I fell in love with about photography 10 years ago when I first began shooting! And I used to sneak into my grandfather’s basement to hide out with his WWII pinup collection as a child! Without those pinups, I might not be where I am today, so pinup will always be something I hold close to my heart! Thank you, Sadie Century, for this eye-opening guest blog!



PART I: Historically Speaking.

We all recognize a pinup. The luscious girl next door, hamming it up on a seamless white background. She has bright cheeks and innocent eyes that belie a naughty situation. She’s sometimes flanked by a telling prop, or maybe a precocious pet.

Daydreaming about being that girl? In 2017, it seems a little far-fetched. Too antiquated, too strange, or out of our reach.

Not if you’re ready. 😉

But before I start recommending dress styles and pinup vendors, let’s talk a little history. It will help us appreciate pinup beyond aesthetics. Yes, it’s true. Fashion, like everything else, has a deeper meaning.

We tend to define pinup by the girls, well, pinned up on the walls of “Our Boys Overseas” during WWII, or the golden days of the 1950s. But pinups have been around since the late 1800s. Pinups often represented the contemporary feminine ideal—definitive pop culture in its influence, and in its accessibility to the masses. The affluent could keep their stuffy paintings, because pinup pictures were for every man. And they inspired every woman.

Now, pinup encompasses not just the cheesecake images of Elvgren. It’s an entire retro aesthetic. Once a fringe culture, it has strode brazenly into the mainstream in the last decade or so. And why? For one: because it was the first trend to be truly inclusive of all sizes, and it has become the de facto leader of the Body Positivity movement. For two: because now we all hate low-rise jeans!

What I mean by that is, fashion is a contrarian concept. So often, iconic fashions of certain eras have been a direct retaliation against the fashion trends that came directly before them. The flapper dresses of the 1920s? A giant middle finger to the hyper-constructed corsets and elaborate floor-length gowns of the Edwardian era. The thigh-skimming shift dress of the 1960s bucked the tight waist and modest hems of the 1950s—what was once deemed scandalous was now a matter of self-confidence. And our current affection for traditionally feminine silhouettes is a rejection of de-feminizing clothing and ultra-casual vibes that, let’s admit, we’ve all gotten sick of.

So fashion is a swinging pendulum, sure. But then, where did the classic pinup look come from? What fashion was it directly responding to? Well, visualize the 50s and early 60s silhouettes, and you might notice that regardless of shape, color, or style, whether it’s a dress, skirt, or trousers, they all shared the same thing: a pinched waist. The waist was considered sensual and inherently feminine, because it created the hourglass.

This actually goes beyond just being “old-fashioned.” From a historical standpoint, this return to an ultra-womanly shape hadn’t been seen since the early 1900s. The 1920s had the anti-establishment flappers that wanted nothing to do with corsets and elaborate hairdos; that why they had knee-length shifts and bobs. The 1930s were largely dictated the Depression, and the Second World War cast a pall over the 1940s. Fabrics were limited, embargoed because of the war; dresses were minimalist with simple, humble lines, purposefully utilitarian as women recast themselves in the workforce in the name of the Allies.

So in the 1950s, the world let out a collective sigh. The post-war boom of economic and societal reconstruction led to a reintroduction of fancy fabrics with beautiful patterns, and women’s fashion no longer had to stick to wartime minimalism. The woman reclaimed herself—her luxury, her shape, her spotlight.

The pinched waist made its comeback; this, along with a wider hemline from excess fabric in swing skirt, gave the impression of an exaggerated hourglass figure. Accessories got more elaborate, and a little more flirtatious.

And today, 70ish years later, we still freaking love it.

What makes the 1950s and early 60s silhouettes so timeless? They were, after all, just decades. There were sartorial trends before them, and plenty that followed, all influential themselves.

But I think the insistence on femininity—that is, the appreciation for the female body—is key to pinup’s immortal appeal. As I said earlier, pinup culture today is driven by size inclusion. And it’s that embrace of all female forms as inherently beautiful that makes a retro wardrobe so singularly fantastic. You could have the measurements of an XXS or 5X; it doesn’t matter—that hourglass silhouette looks amazing on you. And it should, because you are amazing. You really are.

Pinup culture is about strong women who own and define their femininity for themselves. My next post will explore some brands available to the modern pinup. But for now, let me say: every woman, whether she’s 16 or 60, deserves to feel as beautiful as she is. It’s the reason you should dress to suit your happiness, and it’s the reason you’re considering a photoshoot: to celebrate your life, your femininity, your unique and only you-ness.

So celebrate yourself. <3





I’m so very thrilled, honored and humbled to announce that I was recognized as the AIBP Ambassador of Excellence. The Association of International Boudoir Photographers is the most prestigious boudoir-specific organization in the world and has members from all over the globe. To say that I’m honored is an understatement and I’m deeply touched to have received this incredible award and be recognized alongside some of the most respected, established names in the intimate portraiture industry. I love my career, my colleagues and the joy, confidence and empowerment I’m able to help women discover. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me on this journey, and tremendous congratulations to my fellow award-winning photographers as well!

The Ambassador of Excellence award is the highest honor bestowed by AIBP and is only awarded once every 2 years. I’m shocked and deeply touched to have been the recipient.

You can read the article here: AIBP Year In Review Award Recipients


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