Ever Dream of Having a Personal Shopper?

Do you dream of starring in your very own gorgeous boudoir shoot but feel overwhelmed at the idea of having to choose all those outfits? Maybe you aren’t sure what will look best on your body or you aren’t sure how to put all the pieces together to create a polished, finished look. Don’t despair! You are NOT alone! So many women are unsure of how to dress to highlight their favorite body parts and downplay the ones they don’t love so much! Here at Lost Highway Imaging, we have an option to help all the women out there who aren’t sure how to pull together their final styles… PERSONAL SHOPPING!

A personal shopping session is not only a great way to find out what cuts and styles best flatter your body, they are also FUN! We offer 3 main options for helping you shop.

Virtual Shopping

The first personal shopping option is “virtual shopping.” You’ll provide your full-length, casual photo (cell phone shots are just fine), your clothing sizes and measurements, along with some basic preferences in regards to style, color, pattern and modesty. If you aren’t sure how to take your measurements, we’ll walk you through the process. We will then help you decide what clothing will best flatter your shape and what will give you the look you want, style-wise. Beth, our photographer, will gather options and send you links to some great options (along with sizing suggestions if it is a brand we are personally familiar with). Working within the budget you give us, we’ll put together outfits (including planning items like shoes, jewelry, and clothing available in the studio that will work for your shoot) and you’ll be provided with links to purchase them yourself. You’ll handle the actual ordering of the clothing, we’ll just hold your hand through the process.

Girls’ Day Out
The second option is an actual shopping trip where Beth will help you pick things out in person! We make a trip to the mall (The Crystal Mall in Waterford is our usual go-to) and put together outfits together. From clothing to jewelry and accessories, we cover every look head to toe. Sometimes it is necessary to supplement with some online purchases, especially if we need something very specific (especially for vintage boudoir looks or pinup, as not many real corsets or vintage lingerie pieces are available at the mall) or if we need a bra size that mall stores don’t carry. We plan your budget beforehand and make sure we stay within it while we shop. Not only will you learn how to best dress your body for your shoot, but you’ll also learn tips and tricks to dressing yourself every day and looking super sexy in the bedroom with the most flattering lingerie for your body type! This is an experience that will benefit you for a lifetime, especially if you’ve ever wondered what looks truly flatter you the most!

Supermodel Luxury Service
Supermodels don’t shop for their own shoots and their looks are styled by professionals before they ever even arrive on set. This option is for the woman who truly wants to be pampered and experience what a professional, high-end magazine shoot is like. With our Supermodel Luxury Service every bit of your shopping done for you. You provide Beth with an agreed-upon budget and she purchases everything herself, meeting up with you once before your shoot for a trial run she can make returns/exchanges as needed. With this option, the sky is the limit. Whether you desire genuine La Perla pieces or exquisite silk lingerie imported directly from Paris, you can truly be dressed like the world’s most sought after supermodels.

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