Horses, Beaches and A Princess – The Photos

Most people have a distinct separation between their jobs and their hobbies. When someone says “What do you do for work?” the answer is pretty simple. And when someone asks “What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies?” it’s also pretty straightforward. But, for me, I only have one answer. Photography. It’s kind of a strange position to be in when your job and your hobby is one in the same. Plus, it confuses people when you give them the same answer to both questions. Lol! But it really is true that my passion covers my career as well as how I spend my free time. On the upside, I build skills for double the amount of time and I love what I do. On the downside, I sometimes get caught up in creating for my career and for others and lose sight of my own artistic pursuits and visions. This year I promised myself that I would find more balance and keep from getting too caught up in the business-y work, like emails and accounting and paperwork.


Part of why I’m a photographer is because I’m a dreamer. I’m always lost in a daydream, thinking up some fantastical world that I’d like to live in for a while. When I was a little girl, I learned to ride a horse practically before I learned to walk. Horses are so intertwined with my childhood that I couldn’t begin to separate them if I wanted to. My dad is a farrier and my mom trained racehorses and we had a huge barn. My first job was helping to give riding lessons when I was only 12. I took over that aspect of the family business when I was 15 and started doing it on my own, running the lesson program myself. It was an incredible opportunity and gave me tremendous life experience, but mostly it let me spend all day, every day, around my favorite things in the world… horses. I’d sit out in the field with my beloved Quarter Horse and imagine what it would be like to be a princess, wearing a long flowing gown, running bareback down the beach. I did a lot of running bareback on my horse on the beach (and in the field… and in the woods… any anywhere else horses were allowed) and I wanted to capture how it felt. Not how it looked to the eye of a casual observer, but what it felt like to be transported to a fairytale world on the back of my favorite horse.


Finding a model with that kind of skill is not exactly an easy feat. Plus, being a horse person makes me picky so not just “any old horse” would do. And selfies were out for pretty obvious reasons. But the minute I met Angela and her beautiful Andalusian mare, I knew we were going to make magic! I found the perfect dress, split up the front so she could ride in it, and I dyed it a perfect pale pink, to match the pink sunset I imagined in my dreams. I spent far too much money on gorgeous silk roses and handmade a beautiful bejeweled bridle fit for a queen!


When we got to the beach, it was perfect! We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day… or a more beautiful sunset! It felt so amazing to create something that had only existed inside my head for so many years! Thank you, Angela, for helping make my dreams come. And thank you to my son, Aiden, for creating a very special video that I’ll post as my next blog entry!




























I’m dedicating the next few years to slowly working on a project in honor of Cimmaron, my beloved Quarter Horse mare that was my best friend throughout my entire childhood. I lost her almost 2 years ago now, and not a day goes by where I don’t think about her. She was given to me on my 9th birthday by my mom and dad and we were inseparable for more than 20 years. The image above will be the closing image in the series. I love you, Cimm.


Want a shoot of your own? We do more than just boudoir! If you are in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts or elsewhere in New England or New York, get in touch and tell me what your dream shoot looks like! I also travel and destination shoots are always welcome! This year I’ll be in Las Vegas, California (multiple locations), New Orleans, Pennsylvania, Florida and more. If you are dreaming of a photoshoot of your very own drop me a note and let’s talk!