Horses, Beaches and a Princess – The Video

This is a project very dear to my heart. I don’t often talk too much about my family here, but I have 4 wonderful kids. The oldest is 12 and he has been fascinated by photography and videography for a while now. He’s also been asking to produce a promo or behind-the-scenes video for me. When I decided to bring this project to life, I handed him my camera and asked it he’d like to come along for this shoot on the beach with my model and dear friend, Angela and her horse. He jumped at the opportunity and was an utter professional the whole time we worked. Watching his eyes light up meant the world to me. As we were walking off the beach he said to me “Mom, it was crazy! I saw all these pictures in my head and then, while I was shooting, I saw everything I imagined on the back of the camera! It was like magic!” I hugged him and told him that is what a real passion feels like. The adrenaline rush of creating something that makes you happy right down in your soul.

When he surprised me with the preliminary cut of this video, I was brought to tears. Real tears rolled down my cheeks while I watched what he created. I’m so excited to share it with you all. He said to me “You know, you might not want to tell people a 12 year old made this. They might think you are not professional.” Then I cried more tears. I assured him that that couldn’t be further from the truth and, even if it was true, I’ll always give credit where credit is due! I am PROUD to share this and I am even more proud to say that my son created it. That he felt what it feels like to truly love doing something and that he looked at the final product and was full of joy and pride. Thank you, Aiden, for every minute of hard work you put into this!