Our Mission

Bold. Sexy. Unforgettable.


Bold is confidence and empowerment and not apologizing for who you are. Bold is permission to love yourself, shed your inhibitions and be free.

Sexy is an attitude. It’s so much more than a number on the scale or the cup size of your bra. Sexy is everywhere. It is in every gesture, every moment of pleasure, every time we move or dance or laugh or love.

Unforgettable moments are frozen in time. It might be something as small as locking eyes with a stranger in a cafe or something as grand as your wedding night.

My mission is to help ALL women unleash these things within themselves.


I truly believe that ALL women are beautiful. Every single one, no exceptions. Boudoir photography should be a transformative experience for the women who walk through my door and I am committed to making every session empowering, confidence-building and even emotionally powerful. The media spends a whole lot of time telling us how we should feel about ourselves. We should fear age, despise wrinkles, be outraged by cellulite and feel disgusted by our natural bodies. What if we stopped listening? 

That is what I want for women. I want them to stop listening to what they are told and stop feeling like they don’t measure up. Every day, women walk in and share their internal dialogue with me. They open up and tell me what they tell themselves ABOUT themselves day in and day out, sometimes going as far back as their childhood, and usually at least 90% of it is negative. My mission is to change that inner dialogue.

I want women to see themselves the way I see them. I want them to change that inner dialogue to a positive one of self-acceptance, self-love and self-esteem. My passion is showing women how I see them, using a camera as my tool. What I loves most about boudoir photography is its potential to be life changing for the women I photograph. Lost Highway Imaging, my Connecticut boudoir photography studio, was born out of my passion for showing women how beautiful they really are.