What Are Your 3 Words?

One of the things I love most about women is that we are all different! I mean, that statement sounds painfully obvious but it is so true! Every single woman who walks into my studio is an individual with her own style. I can tell a lot about a girl just by what she pulls out of her bag when she arrives… is it soft, feminine and romantic or bold, sexy and in-your-face? Does she pull out lace robes in ivory and blush pink or does she lay out strappy black teddies and killer stilettos on the bed? During your consultation we always talk about how you want to be photographed, what your dream photos would look like and what your own personal style is. I love to have my clients give me three words that they think best describes them. I love all of the words I hear… glamorous, sexy, timeless, classic, beautiful, elegant, feminine, edgy, fashion-forward, retro, vintage, classy, romantic, erotic, soft, sensual… and so many more!


Imagine holding your beautiful photographs in your hands right now. Imagine that your photo shoot is over. You’ve already come in and been pampered, had your hair and makeup done, rolled around on the bed and made doe eyes at the camera and had your hair blown supermodel-style by the fan. The whole day was about YOU and you left the studio feeling confident and AMAZING! Now… use THREE WORDS to describe the photographs in your hands…


What are your 3 words?


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